FIRE ALARM  [2011]  Putting up your fire alarm in the roof can be difficult. Taking it down again when it accidentally starts to peep also. There has to be a more simple way.   This product is called Ventilarm and is combining the standard wall ventilation system with the fire alarm. If you remove the flat circle from the ventilation shaft you’ll be left with a screw. Ventilarm can be twisted on to this screw.  Since it is integrated with the ventilation, the alarm quickly sense when there is smoke.   Instead of making a screeching noise, this alarm rings like an old school bell. A noise that definitely alarm you, but is more pleasant than the digital high pitch noice from modern smoke-detectors.  Ventilarm also aware our eyesight. When sensing a fire, a red light starts to blink, which enlighten the ventilation’s concavity and create a wide light.  When Ventilarm is in need of changing battery it blinks automatically once an hour until battery is changed.