DISCO BALL  [2011]  The archetypical disco ball covered in small mirrors is well known, used and loved all over the world. I love it too - although I wanted to challenge it's complete monopoly of the dancing scene. This alternative disco ball is made of Keyboard keys.   It was made as a eye-catching mascot for a keyboard magnet poetry product, called Magnenter, which I was doing for Konstfack christmas market 2011. The disco ball achieved sufficient admiration for becoming the center piece of many parties during the following years.   It was also participating in the master exam project in Experience Design at Konstfack of Emin Durak, 2012. It was about letting music depend on how people moved. Say, if people danced slowly, the music would be with a slow rhythm, and vice versa.   The disco ball is made of a papier maché base, covered with over a thousand keyboard keys. The inside contains red LED lamps and motion detectors for adjusting the music depending on how people dance around it.   Link: