PUBLIC INSTALLATION  [2010]  During two weeks in the middle of october me and my partner Linus Hultgren built this shell formed charging station. The idea was to use the electricity from a public lamp post in a new way.   We wanted to create a space in the public environment where people get a chance to warm up and get some light, as a contrast to the dark and cold swedish winter.   The sculpture is made of white painted masonite, wood studs and cable ties. In the actual lamp post we attached a contact socket to embrace the idea of that public electricity is an access we should all be able to benefit from. Anyone could use this service, for example to charge their phones on the go.   In the core of the shell we put five 400W-spotlights that warmed and lighted up the space. To be standing there could be compared to the hypothetical feeling of being beamed up into a spacecraft.  This light therapeutic electric shell was standing in the city park in Kalmar during 2 weeks in october 2010. During that time it got a lot of positive response from the habitants.